Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Oh God No, Don't Look in There!

I was sitting in the living room the other night when I realized that the back yard was totally lit up. The flood lights were on. I haven't turned those lights on in a very long time so it was kind of weird. I thought hard about how those could have come on. The switch is in the sun room and kind of hard to find. Did Mark turn them on, could one of the dogs have flipped the switch? The answer to both is no. Mark denied any knowledge of turning on flood lights, "We have flood lights?" And the dogs couldn't possibly have done it because the switch is four feet up and you have to squeeze between one of Mark's bookcases and Mark's dresser that he uses for storing cookware. Then you have to reach around the bookcase and feel around between the bookcase and the wall for the switch. There is only a few inches clearance, so I know the dogs didn't do it. Then I remembered, we had the real estate agent over earlier with some prospective buyers. That means those people had squeezed in between the furniture and reached around behind that bookcase for some reason. Seeing as the switch is not visible from any part of the room, I find that odd. But this isn't the first time things have been messed with after the real estate agent showed the place. One time we came back and the living room ceiling fan wasn't on. I hit the switch to turn it on, nothing. I tried the light attachment switch, nothing. What the hell did they do? Then I remembered. There is a master switch in the linen closet hidden up high behind stacks of dog towels and toilet paper. Sure enough, that had been turned off. Once again, why on earth were prospective buyers moving my dog towels around and looking behind my rolls of toilet paper? It's creepy to think people are being that thorough when looking through our house. It makes me wonder what else they're looking at, and worries me a bit when I think about the things I hide next to my computer.


  1. Oh God, Alan. Do you think they lie on your couch and try out the bed? WTF is wrong with people?

    1. I don't even like to share my toilet with anyone.

  2. What do you hide next to your computer?