Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Perilous Puppy Pee Pad Problems

At this point, two years in, I'm pretty sure that Bette will never be completely house broken. What she is, is house friendly. There are no more moist surprises when Mark walks around the house barefoot. No longer do I hear the cries of a wounded hyena when he steps into one of Bette's pee puddles. Just as long as I keep clean puppy pee pads swapped out over in the sun room, Bette will do her deed in there. There are even days, full twenty four hour days, where Bette will not even pee on the puppy pee pads, but will do all her stuff outdoors just as long as I let her out ten times a day.

The biggest part of puppy pee pad maintenance is the removal of the soaking wet puppy pee pads and then disinfecting the tray that they lay on. This involves large, thick rubber gloves, a heavy duty bleach based cleaning solution, and one roll of paper towels. There are times I have even thought about getting a hazmat suit. Yesterday Bette left me a nice pee soaked mess to clean up, but I was almost out of the bleach based cleaning solution, Fantastik Cleaner with Bleach. So I went searching under the kitchen sink for some another spray cleaner. What I found was something called Finazzle Grout Cleaner. Well if it can clean grout I figured it must be good enough to disinfect dog piss. Unfortunately the spray gun on the bottle didn't work, so I took the Finazzle and poured it into the Fantastik spray bottle. Bad idea. Very bad idea. Within moments the room filled with a noxious gas the odor of sulfur. As I reached over to open the windows for fresh air, a geyser of foam gushed forth from the Fantastik bottle. I don't know what the ingredients of Fantastik and Finazzle are, but they obviously do not mix well together. What they did was fill the room with a toxic gas that was even worse than the fumes from Bette's pee. I really should go online and see if I can find a nice second hand hazmat suit.


  1. You were only two steps away from successfully making meth or mustard gas. You really need to pressure Agent Al to get this house sold!

    1. I really don't think the house will be sold this year. The contract with Agent Al runs out the first week of September. If not sold, I will take it off the market because I will not move in the winter. That would be just too much of a shock to the system. Oh, and next time I cook up some of Bette's 'meth' I'll send you some to try out. Let me know how that goes.

  2. Instead of using a bleach cleaner you should be using an enzyme cleaner such as OUT! Oxy-cleaner Urine odor remover. When there is a urine accident in my house (I use puppy pads too) I wipe up any urine that may have not made it onto the pad. Then I saturate the area with OUT! (You can use any variety of enzyme disinfectant cleaners. Which ever smells best to you) I let the enzyme sit and air dry while it eats the bacteria and eliminates any germs. Bleach is too harsh of a chemical as is Ammonia. Use of a non-toxic enzyme works best in my opinion.