Friday, July 31, 2015

I See Your Offer, and Raise You $20,000

The dance has begun. Agent Al brought over the contract with the offer from the buyers. Of course it was way under the asking price, so Agent Al suggested a counter offer price. I immediately ignored Agent Al and told him to up that price by a bit. Now we are waiting for Agent Al to come back with the buyer's counter offer, or their acceptance of the price I gave them. I won't sleep tonight. No, not because I am worried about the price. If the price is wrong, I have no qualms about walking away from the sale and spending another winter in balmy Florida, pointing out to my friends an family how cold it is up north. What I will lay in bed worrying about is the move. As soon as we close on this place, Mark, the dogs, and I will be homeless. I can't buy another place until this one is sold and I don't really want to stay here, paying rent while watching somebody else alter everything I put together over the last twenty three years. So there is that worry. If we sell this place I have to plan the move, but I don't know where we will be moving to. I will have to pack up everything in this house with minimal help from Mark. I will have to figure out how to get his tons of books, his piles of posters, the dogs, the car, his stuff, my stuff, our stuff, all this goddamned stuff, up to Chicago. I have never planned such a large move before. When I moved down here with Garet (aka; Garrey, Garrett, Gary, Garfinkle) we fit everything in a small trailer that we pulled behind the car. This move will take at least a twenty foot truck towing a trailer with the PT Cruiser on it.

So here it is, five thirty in the morning. I was right when I wrote that first paragraph last night, I couldn't sleep. I'm figuring a  good sixty days of not sleeping, the time Agent Al told us it would take to close the deal. So I guess I should stock up on some of that ZzzQuil and a bottle of vodka.

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  1. Investigate the use of the "pods". they put them in your yard to pack at your pace, and move them to where you want. then you and Mark & pups could drive up to Chicago in the Cruiser. I used 1-800-pack-rat. Largest is 16 ft long and doesn't have the support things inside eating up space like the competition. Also, almost half of what the Pod people wanted. I only moved a few towns over, but it was really easy. Good luck with the sale! My closing took 90 days.