Thursday, April 21, 2016

Alan in Lisa Land; The Dogs

This has nothing to do with the dogs, but I always thought Mark took forever to get ready to go out. That was before I went out for a drink with my sister. All I can say is that I am glad I am not a woman. The amount of upkeep and work it takes to make yourself look exactly like you did one hour earlier must be mind numbing. (By the way, Lisa looked fine one hour earlier. Even after a full day of work.)

Chandler and Bette have made themselves right at home here in my sister's house. They, along with Lisa's two dogs, have formed a nice pack. The only problem is that Bear, my sister's dog, and Chandler both think they are the alpha dog. They are both wrong, I am the alpha dog. Also, Chandler and Bette have a view of the street from the front window, something that they have never had before. So every person, truck, school bus, and squirrel sends all four dogs into a frenzy. What I find adorable, is that when Lisa comes home from work all four dogs greet her like their long lost mother, jumping all over her and each trying to get her undivided attention. The other day I saw Lisa returning the love. She was out in the back yard with a bucket full of dog shit. Yes, I know. I should be out there picking that shit up, not Lisa.

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  1. FYI Alan it doesn't take ALL women a lot of time to get ready to go somewhere!