Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sisterhood of the Traveling Rants

Mark and I are homeless, at least that's what Mark keeps reminding me. I have to point out to him that we have a nice home, in a bedroom in my sister's house. But yes, I do miss walking around my house in my underwear. The funny thing is that I moved out of my parent's house when my sister Lisa was only nine years old, so I never really knew her as anything other than a little girl. She is not nine years old anymore, and the good thing about that is we can go out for a drink together. What I was not ready for was how she and Mark would interact, and they interact just fine. They both like to talk, they both like to have a drink, and they both can be loud. In fact, when Lisa and Mark get going I literally cannot get a word in sideways. I have tried to join in to numerous conversations, only to realize that it was like walking into a hundred mile an hour headwind. So I have given in and for the most part just sit and nod as they gab away. As for Lisa's house, it's fine. It's clean and cheery. My only complaint is that I am sitting in a undersized office chair while typing this. So yes, I do miss my big fluffy chair and that underwear thing.

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