Friday, April 8, 2016

Let's Make a Deal

I told Mark not to worry, that we'd find a home. We walked into the very first place we looked at and Mark fell in love with it. It's a big, solid brick building, with intact architectural elements from the time it was built in 1922. It did smell like an antique store when we walked in, and there was a strange and creepy room in the basement, but all in all it checked most of our boxes. The fact that I promised Mark that we'd gut the kitchen and give him an all new gourmet kitchen helped seal the deal. There are still a lot of hurdles. Inspections, bank assessor, that sort of thing, but we have a contract and we'll soon be Chicagoans. Just click this link to see the place.


  1. Looks great Alan. Keeping our fingers crossed. You can walk to the best little Fondue restaurant--just a block away on Peterson. (It's abit pricey but fun for a special occasion; they seem to be family owned and ever so European, not to mention a throwback to the 1970s.) Good luck!!

  2. Congrats! Beautiful place. Be sure to tell us about the creepy little basement room; these handsome old homes always have character to them.