Monday, April 18, 2016

How I Met Your Mother

Mark has known my family for the last nineteen years. Now after two weeks of interacting with many of my sisters, brothers, and my mom, Mark Knows my family. As for me, it all seems quite normal. Sisters doing their thing, and Mom doing her thing. All very much like I remember it back long ago. Sure some of the things we've seen are a bit funny. Like when I talked to a black woman who lives across the street from Mom, and after I mentioned it to her, she insisted that all her neighbors are Caucasian. They aren't. I know a black woman when I talk to one. Anyway, Mark has suggested that I could write a novel about my family, much like Tennessee Williams. He pointed out that Tennessee Williams had a quirky family and he used it to inspire him to write. So I looked up Tennessee Williams. He arranged to have his sister lobotomized, and he died a drunk choking on a pill bottle top. So no, I will not be emulating Tennessee Williams. I will not write any stories based on my family. Especially since they are the most normal and sane bunch of people you could ever run across.

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