Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Photo by Carolyn

Mom is 94 years old and this was my 66th Mother's Day with her. I've come a long way from when I was ten years old and I gave her Prell Shampoo for Mother's Day. Once again I gave her flowers in shades of purple because her favorite color is lilac. Even her bedroom walls were lilac, which must have been very erotic to my dad. He fathered eleven of us. For this Mother's Day Mark made Mom's favorite food. Barbeque ribs, along with homemade mac and cheese, and homemade coleslaw. I brought the ribs over to her house last night and prepared a dish for her. I gave her a nice portion which prompted her to say, "That is a lot of food. I don't think I can eat all that." About thirty minutes later she was licking what was left of the meat off the bones and attacking the mac and cheese. It's great to see her have an appetite. When Mark and I first moved back here to the Chicago area, we would drop in on Mom and find her snacking on a box of  Cheez-It®'s. Her diet was whatever my sister could get her to eat. Now she's getting a lot of Mark food, which is the same food that packed fifty pounds on me. So maybe she's going to be fat in her old age, but at least she'll be fat and happy.

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