Monday, May 16, 2016


The point of this post is not to whine about how stupid young people are in 2016. I did some pretty stupid things when I was young. No, I'm just going to whine about stupid people who happen to be young.

Last Thursday Mark and I stopped in at the local Duncan Donuts/Baskin-Robbins for some ice cream. Let me just say that since Baskin-Robbins moved in with Dunkin Donuts, they suck. We went there anyway. We walked up to the ice cream counter and behind it was a sign that said "Shakes". It also said, under the area describing the shakes, "Make it a malted for $1.50 more." So I placed my order.
"I'll have a chocolate malt, and please make it with vanilla ice cream."
(The proper way to make a chocolate malt is with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and powdered malt.)
 The girl behind the counter stood there for a moment staring at me as if I had asked for shit on a stick.
"Ummmm.....  uh... okay..."
She turned and went about scooping ice cream, pouring some milk into the metal container, and pumping away on a dispenser. As she came towards me with my "malt" in her hands, I asked her "When did you put the malt in that?"
Again the stare.
"I mean, when you were scooping, and pouring, and pumping back there, when did you put the powdered malt into the cup?"
She spun around and huddled with another employee then turned and said to me,
"Ummm... we don't make malts here."
"It says right up there behind you on that sign, Make it a malted for $1.50 more."
Again, she spun around and huddled with the other employee. They both turned around and the girl informed me that the "shake" was no-charge. So I took it. But seriously, an ice cream shake is really nothing more than melted ice cream.

And then there was the new, hip, Mexican restaurant in Chicago that we went to Friday night. Our waitress was a bubbly, perky blond girl with a lip piercing. I let slide her ignorance of what a 'light lager' beer is, and what edamame is (It was on the menu and I didn't know either, but I wasn't working there). Her ignorance of what was on the menu was pretty unnerving.
"Is the fish in the fish taco breaded and deep fried?" I asked. She answered that it was not. I then asked what else was in a fish taco besides the fish.
"Ummm.... well there's fish.... Yes, fish in the taco. Umm... is that enough information?"
She was not being 'ironic' or trying to be funny. She seriously thought that she was being very helpful in pointing out that there was fish in the fish taco. Oh, and when she returned with our drinks, she informed us that "Yes, the fish is breaded and deep fried."

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