Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Roughing It

I am sitting on a small filing cabinet, my computer monitor is on the radiator, and at my feet is a large tangle of power cords leading to one power extension bar. Ninety four year old houses do not have a lot of electrical outlets. If I slip just a little and knock one of the extension cords loose, the whole deal goes to hell. It's my fear of Mark's wrath that keeps me careful. He wouldn't like it if The Real Housewives got disconnected.

So we moved last Saturday. I was sure that all the crap I had in my mom's garage would fit in a twenty foot U-Haul truck. It did... in two trips. Two horrid, eighty mile round trips through Chicago traffic. I hired my nephew and two of his buddies to do the move. They were more professional and careful than the pros that we had move the crap from Florida. They did get a little gassed near the end of the twelve hour moving day and weren't so careful puting the kitchen stuff in the kitchen, and the office stuff in the office. No problem, I eventually found Mark's computer in a large box in the dining room, the dishes in the office, and my shredder in the kitchen. Chandler is loving his new back yard. Little does he know that the lush green grass he's rolling around in will be ice and snow in just seven months.

The process of unpacking is nerve wracking. What seemed like I had planned so carefully has gone totally off the tracks. Every other word out of my mouth is "Where's my glasses?" and the words in between are "Where the hell is the goddamn box cutter?"  You tend to lose things the more boxes you open.

Finally, it is great to have internet access again along with cable television. After three cable companies promised me wireless DVRs, only to find out when the installers arrived that they were blowing smoke up my ass just to make a sale, I had to settle for old fashioned wired cable. However, I didn not want those ugly cables stapled to my baseboards and over the door jambs, so I let them drill holes in my lovely oak floors. It was the lesser of two evils and now Mark has his Bravo and I have some peace.

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  1. Congratulations and welcome back to Chicago!