Friday, July 8, 2016

Alan and Mark Visit Warsaw

Wednesday Mark and I took a road trip across Northern Indiana, to Warsaw. The main purpose was to visit with our old Florida friend Stephen. Stephen used to work for us in our hot dog stand down in Florida, and at the time I honestly didn't know that his real profession was costume designer for theater. Now he owns a successful costume design business based in Indianapolis. A long cry from slinging hot dogs in Fort Lauderdale. The trip was mostly uneventful with the usual gasps, whines, and calls for Jesus coming from over in the passenger seat. Mark doesn't particularly like my driving style. As we cruised across the flat Indiana landscape, through miles and miles of corn fields, I pointed out to Mark that Indiana was a hotbed of KKK activity back in the 1920's. Which made our trip even that more interesting since we were going to see a production of Ragtime at the Wagon Wheel Theater in Warsaw. Our friend Stephen designed all the costumes and got us tickets. To my surprise the show was of extremely high caliber, not some cheesy community playhouse production. The cast was truly impressive and I'll admit, I shed a few tears. Most poignant is the fact that the story of Ragtime does not feel all that far off from contemporary America. Especially in light of what has happened in the last few days.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time with Stephen and hope to see him up here in Chicago sometime soon. One thing though. I kept wondering, why all the ugly shoes in Warsaw, Indiana? Then I noticed this sign as we drove out of town.

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