Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Alley

The Alley Behind Our House

Mark does not like the alley. He doesn't like parking the car back there, he doesn't like the fact that people cut through it, and he doesn't like the smell. I love the alley. For those who aren't familiar with Chicago, Chicago is the alley capital of the world. Over 1,900 miles of alleys wind through the city. Exciting things happen in alleys. A Chicago alley is where Dillinger was shot after being turned in by "The Lady in Red". As for Mark's complaints, they are what I consider pluses. I like that the garbage is out there and that I don't have to drag the trash bins out to the curb every week. A trash can in front of the house is quite tacky. I also like having my own garaged parking space in back. As for all the people who cut through the alley, those are our neighbors. The alley is where I met Croatian Steve, who sold me my lawnmower. Only $125, and guaranteed for life. Well, the life of Croatian Steve at least. He has skin cancer.

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