Thursday, July 21, 2016

Laying Pipe

Our new home has some issues. One of them is the plumbing. Here is the inspector's report on that subject.

"There are plumbing concerns: There are leaks at the first floor bathroom tub valves. There is a leak at the laundry sink faucet and the laundry sink drain pipe. There is a patch on the soil stack located in the basement. There are galvanized water supply pipe. Galvanized piping has a life expectancy of 40+ years. The pipes will corrode internally and externally. When the pipe corrode internally, water flow can be restricted. Recommend having a qualified plumber repair the plumbing issues as needed. The water flow at the second floor kitchen is marginal." 

Other than the date on the inspection, the inspector had it right. He said that the water flow on the second floor was "marginal", that was an understatement. The water flow was actually non-existent when any valve was opened on the first floor or in the basement. If we washed our clothes, the second floor apartment was bone dry. Not even a drip, drop of water. Very hard to rent out an apartment with such water issues.  

About four weeks ago I was getting my hair cut at Level One, the hair place on the corner by our house. I happened to mention that I needed a plumber. Goddamn if the owner of Level One wasn't married to a plumber. So I arranged to have the husband, Frank, come on over and fix everything. We got new pipes, new outside hose-bibs, and valves everywhere. I can now turn off water to any part of the house that I want. Frank the plumber gave us a good going over. It looks like jewelry down in our basement, if plumbing could be worn. Lots of shiny copper piping everywhere. Now our tenant, Dennis, can take a decent shower. He can turn that fancy shower head he has up to "Flesh Removing" if he wants.

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