Thursday, July 28, 2016

We're Expecting!


After many visits to animal shelters, and hours of looking online for a companion for Chandler, we have found a dog. Her name is Scout, she's around twenty three pounds, and she's a Terrier Mutt, the best breed possible. I have nothing against purebreds, but I have had much better luck with mutts. Oh, I'm sorry. I am told that mutt is politically incorrect. She is a 'mixed breed'. Although my doctor asked me what my family background was today, and after I explained it to him he smiled and said, "Oh, a mutt like me." Euro-Mutt-American, that's what I am. So anyway, back to Scout. She came over for a visit Tuesday and turned on the charm. She immediately won me over, schmoozed Mark onto her side, and so enthralled Chandler that he started trying to hump her. That's what Chandler does to his really good friends. If they stand for it, the friendship continues. If not... well they become enemies. Our neighbor in Florida got a beautiful, large dog from a rescue organization and when we introduced Chandler to Brody, he immediately tried to hump him. They never got along after that. Not so with Scout. She and Chandler ran around the backyard like old buddies, rolling, chasing, and jumping for joy. I haven't seen Chandler this happy since we lost Bette. Scout will officially become our dog Friday morning. Her foster parents will be bringing her over and on Friday we will all be getting to know each other. Hopefully she won't pee in the house, won't shred anything, and we hope she never realizes that a lot of people walk past our front window. Chandler has that for himself right now, and one dog barking out the window should be enough. Ha, who am I kidding? She'll be right there next to Chandler. 

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  1. Fellow dog loverJuly 28, 2016 at 3:48 PM

    Congratulations on the new addition! I'm sure Scout will be a great addition to your family and it sounds like Chandler already likes her! She's a cute pup!