Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Have Big Plans For Friday

I don't usually plan my television watching, but I decided to do that for this coming Friday. It being winter and the fact that I tend to stay inside the house with the television on, I decided that I needed a plan. I just cannot chance my tuning in to the wrong channel on Friday. So here is what I have on my schedule.

  • 7:00am; Green Acres. It just seems so appropriate for the day. What better way to kick off black Friday than a show about a rich guy and his beautiful wife, ripped out of New York City to go live in a swamp. Go ahead, sing that theme song to yourself as you read this.
  • 8:00am; Showbiz Korea. I've been wanting to watch this one for awhile, but haven't had a good reason to turn it on before now.
  • 9:00am; Eat Breakfast while watching Match Game 74, hoping that Betty White and Charles Nelson Reilly are on the panel. It's Charles at his best before he got a bit bored with it all. You also hope that it's a show they taped for a Friday, because by the fifth taping of the day, the panel was usually pretty drunk.
  • 10:00am; Walk Miss Scout. Well, take a shower and then walk Miss Scout. It's a little routine we have. I spend a half an hour in the bathroom while Scout lays in front of the bathroom door waiting. She then bites my toes while I try to tie my shoes and put on my coat. So damn cute.
  • 11:00am; Gilmore Girls. I have never even watched one second of this show. I have no Idea what it is about, but really, I'm trying to escape from reality here.
  • 12:00pm; Mariah's World. I have watched this show before. I love Mariah Carey's music, but there is something creepy about seeing her do this reality show. Not as creepy as what I am trying to avoid though.
  • 1:00pm to 3:00pm; Tiny House Hunters. I have quit watching this show because I got tired of yelling at the television, screaming that those morons are going to regret trying to live in a 200 square foot home with two kids and a dog. However, like I said, Friday is Pretend Hell Hasn't Frozen Over Day.
  • 3:00pm; The Closing Bell on CNBC. I will turn that on just long enough to see if the world has ended, or at the least see if the stock market has crashed.
  • 4:00pm; Nap....  take a nice nap with the dogs.
  • 5:00pm; Feed the dogs.
  • 5:30pm; Mark feeds me.
  • 6:00pm; Begin watching the six American Pickers shows that I have on Tivo while keeping an eye on the horizon for the mushroom cloud.


  1. Sounds like a full day..what's Mark doing?

    1. Probably laying in bed screaming at MSNBC, or hiding in the basement.

  2. I would start worrying if the basement floor starts accumulating heavy rugs and concrete dust.

  3. What does Mark do in the basement that he hides down there?