Friday, January 13, 2017

Where I Will Go When I Want to Escape From Mark

I remember my dad's workbench down in the basement on Ravinia Drive. It was a child's fantasy playground. Hammers, saws, screwdrivers, and the screws to go with them. There were drills, and a vice on that workbench too. The vice was one of my favorite toys. It was almost as fun crushing things in the vice as it was smooshing them on the train tracks. At least I didn't have to hike three blocks over to the railroad tracks for my smooshing. Now I am an adult, sixty seven years, and I finally have my own workbench. Well, almost have my own workbench. If I can figure out these cockamamie instructions on how to assemble it I will. There are serious flaws in these instructions. I did not notice where this thing was manufactured (My dad's workbench was manufactured by him, from lumber.),  but I suspect it isn't the United States. So I have had to improvise a little bit. Hopefully it turns out well and I can start all my winter projects next week. You know, all those things I promised Mark I would build last summer.

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  1. A model train layout table would be awesome. What exactly can you build for Mark? A rustic mug tree?