Monday, March 27, 2017

Chomp, Chomp!

If you're not paying attention it just sounds like normal background noise. But it isn't, it's the sound of a dog chewing on something. It's a sound that alerts Mark, and causes an immediate frenzy.
"Ack! What's she chewing? What, what is it?.."
Mark has good reason to panic. Since we got Scout, she has chewed up a television remote, a bed pillow, a sofa, Mark's oxygen hose (more than once), and a new pair of Mark's glasses. It is funny though, that Scout hasn't targeted my stuff as much as she has Mark's. Jealousy? Can a dog be jealous? Anyway, over the years our dogs have chewed on much of our furniture. This was almost exclusively done when they were puppies and didn't know any better. Mark gets all upset when he dwells on the damage they've done, but I get sentimental. Each and every tooth mark, scratch, chewed on table leg, makes me remember my dog's puppyhood and just how cute they were. 

Bette (With Scout showing off the damage caused by her predecessor)

Chandler and Molly


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