Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lila and Al Move to the Suburbs

Baby Alan

My earliest memory of my home town, Tinley Park, is riding in a canvas baby buggy being pushed by my mom along Oak Park Avenue. Back in the early years the town didn't have home mail delivery. Everybody had to go pick their mail up at the post office. So Mom would stick me in the buggy and my sister Peggy would walk along side, that is, until she got tired. That would happen about one block from home. Then Mom would stuff Peggy in the buggy with me. That's probably when I'd start crying, but I don't really remember the crying. I probably never did cry. It must have been Peggy. Anyway, I thought about how our family ended up out in the suburbs and asked my mom to tell me the story. It turns out that she was the one crying. Mom was not happy with the move at first, and for a year she....  Well, I'll let her tell you about moving to Tinley Park. 


  1. Her story so mirrors much of what my mom told me. My parents moved in about Feb. of '49 and I was born in August. Alan, thank so much for getting this on video. Very touching.

    1. My mom and dad moved in one month after your parents. March of '49.

  2. Alan, I loved the video, I've heard the story before and Mom was spot on with what we were told. GREAT JOB! Thank you.

  3. Alan,
    This is a great story. Your mom is so sweet and this recording is a treasure. You should get a series of these. She really tops Alicia and what's her name. I know, it's just a different genre. This like a Ken Burns documentary. A real keeper!