Monday, April 17, 2017


Gotcha bitch! Now give me all your money.

I did not want Mark to see this, but it has been frosting my ass ever since I got the notice from my brother Gary. I got a red light ticket while driving Mark's car. I got one of these before. Last time it was a video speeding ticket that I got while driving Mark back from grocery shopping, and Mark was pissed. All I heard for hours was, "I never got a ticket. My record is pristine, pure, totally unsullied. I told you to slow down." Well, this time it's a video red light ticket. Goddamned sonofabitch, what a crock of crap. I don't even remember doing it, and what pisses me off even more is that if you look closely, a cop is turning right in front of me. The cop doesn't think my slow down and right turn on red is that egregious. He ignored it. It's not like I blew through a red light with traffic speeding through from the cross street. No, the cross street had a left turn arrow, nobody was coming my way. So I asked for a hearing. I was not going down without a fight on this one. The answer from the City of Chicago was that it was too late for a hearing. You see the car was registered at my brother's house at that time, and that is where the notice was sent. I did not get the notice from my brother until nearly six months after that right turn. Seriously, that's two hundred and fifty dollars this thing has cost me. What a scam. I was endangering nobody, I was not driving recklessly, but there I am. So I paid the goddamned fine and did not tell Mark. It does not go on his record, he gets no points on his license for this, but he will still go crazy. And that crazy will happen just about noon time today when he reads this. Goddamn sonofoabitch.
That's me in the white car turning right.

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