Thursday, April 6, 2017

Giving You the Finger

Yesterday I was at the doctor's getting my hand x-rayed. It was about two months ago that a loose brick and a pile of Scout'spoop took me down. I fell hard but I've fallen hard before and I have always recovered. This time however, the pain in my pinky finger would not go away. I expected that after a period of time it would all be good. But no, it still hurts like hell.

Funny thing about growing old. You fall every once in awhile. I used to fall back when I was young, but I sprung right back up. Now falling is epic. It is something to remember. Just the other day I was out for a walk with an old friend of mine. We were chatting, I wasn't paying  that much attention, when I heard a thud. It was the sound of a human hitting the concrete. My friend hit it hard. The immediate reaction is to make sure the fallen hasn't broken anything, to help him back up, and to make sure he can go on. He could, he was just fine other than a bit of blood. Now if it had been forty years ago, I would have laughed. Not just a giggle, but a big belly laugh. People falling is funny, that's why America's Funniest Videos has been on television for nearly thirty years. When you are old, people run over to help you. They are concerned. After all, if nobody comes to help pick the old fart up, the old fart could still be laying there the next time you come by. Nobody laughs when old people fall, they check for broken bones.

So back to my tumble two months ago. I got the x-ray and the doctor looked at it. No broken bone. The doctor says that I probably have a deep bruise and that I should give it more time to heal. So the all clear has been sounded. You may now laugh at the old fart who fell picking up dog shit.

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