Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Witches Gulch

Witches Gulch

Mark, being new to the Chicago area and the Midwest, has suggested we take a few road trips this summer. We have been to a couple of places in Indiana and Michigan. We've been to the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, and to Douglas Dunes in Michigan. We've also been to Prairie du Chien, Milwaukee, and Galena. So I need some more ideas. I have thought about Starved Rock, but that involves a lot of walking and climbing. Not that I am opposed to such physical efforts, but Mark, I'm thinking of Mark. There is another place that looks very interesting. It's called Witches Gulch. It's in Wisconsin, and it appears to be a very lovely place with nice boardwalks through the little canyon so that old people can go there. The only drawback is that it is on private property and you can only get to it if you pay for a boat ride. I also suspect that it is very, very popular because it is in the realm of the Wisconsin Dells, one of the most trappiest of tourist traps in the Midwest. The Wisconsin Dells is where your dad took you because the Rocky Mountains were too far away. Anyway, if anybody has any good information on Witches Gulch, let me know. Otherwise I can always take Mark down Gangway Gulch. It's a short trip and I can be back home in my recliner within minutes.

Gangway Gulch


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