Monday, July 10, 2017

Cucumbers: Part Two

The garden continued to supply us with cucumbers over the weekend. Maybe too many cucumbers. The refrigerator was filling up faster than we could eat them. I know, you can pickle them. You can also buy pickles at the supermarket. However, our oversupply of cucumbers has come to a sudden halt thanks to the quick actions of Scout and Chandler. On Saturday I let the dogs out in the yard while I was watering the garden. They like to lay around in the grass, pee in the grass, and poop in that same grass. Sometimes they even eat the grass that they do all that stuff in. Anyway, when I opened the back door to let them out something small, dark, and fast, ran across the yard towards the vegetable garden. I'm not sure if it was a baby bunny rabbit or a rat, but the dogs saw it and took off after it. When they got to the edge of the garden I yelled at them, "NO!" They both looked at me and sulked off into the grass. I  proceeded to water the vegetables and all of the flowers in the backyard. When I was done with that, I went out to the front yard and watered all the flowers out there. Seeing as the dogs were both quietly laying in the grass of the backyard, that is where I left them. When I finished out front, I returned to the backyard to bring the dogs in. They were waiting for me at the gate, panting and looking like they were ready to go back into the air conditioning. I let them both in and grabbed the bag of garbage to take out to the alley. As I walked past the garden my heart sank. It seems that while I was out front, the dogs decided that they needed to look into that critter that ran across the yard. Even though I have the garden fenced off, the dogs had gone into the garden and tore it up. They shredded the cucumbers, ripped up the beans, and trampled the peas. They did all that and they didn't even catch what they were looking for. The one plant that they did not tear up was the tomato plant that grows their favorite tomatoes. Yes, the dogs have their own tomato plant, spoiled little brats that they are. As I stood there wondering how I was going to break this news to Mark, the cutest little baby bunny rabbit hopped across the yard and into what was left of the garden. I killed it.

(No animals were harmed in the writing of this story.)