Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Scout Update

One year ago this week we were introduced to Scout. Our fifth rescue dog that we've taken in over the last twenty two years. She came to us through Cairn Rescue USA, and as crazy as she seemed at first blush, I was not worried. I knew that I could tame her. After all, I lived with Mark for twenty years and compared to him, Scout would be easy (I'll hear about that one). Here we are one year later and I couldn't ask for a better dog. She has learned her lessons well. Right now I'm working on teaching Scout to stop at every cross street or alley and look both ways before crossing. It's something that Chandler learned long ago. Mark wanted to return Scout the first week. I said no. Now Mark and Scout lay up in the bed together, the very best of buddies. Chandler pretends like she's a big nuisance, but in reality, he loves having her around. The little squirt follows me everywhere. A year ago if the backyard gate was left open, Scout would make a mad dash for it. Now I can open the gate to take the garbage out to the alley, and she has no interest at all in going through it. The little bitch knows where her bread is buttered. So happy anniversary Scout. You get an extra tomato and chewy stick today. (Did I mention that my dogs love the little tomatoes?) 
Scout with her tomato

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