Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Poor Me

Well, it looks like Mark has introduced another white man to collard greens. We had a very small Fourth of July get together yesterday. We invited only three friends over for dinner. So of course Mark went crazy with the preparations. It just doesn't matter, we should have invited a dozen or more people. It couldn't have been any more difficult. I thought, let's have just a small cookout this year. No extravaganza, no over the top grand party. So Mark agreed to limit dinner to three guests. Three guests, so Mark made enough food for thirty. I have never worked harder getting ready for company. I had to clean up the yard and cut the grass, I had to clean the house, and I had to assist Mark in the preparation of dinner. I was like Mark's little manservant. Up and down the stairs to the back yard and the basement at least a hundred times. A trip to the supermarket for "A couple of things". It was six bags full of groceries. May I also mention the dirty dishes that Mark went through? I ran the dishwasher four times.

Now that I've bitched about my lot in life, let's talk about the menu. Dinner was very good. Mark served ribs that he cooked out in the smoker for about five hours. He made corn on the cob, corn bread, cole slaw, watermelon salad, watermelon martinis, macaroni and cheese, and those collard greens. One of our guests had never had collard greens before. He liked it. He liked it very much. Hell, I liked it too. I liked all the food and the beer. It almost made me forget how much work Mark made me do.

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