Monday, November 19, 2007

Dog Day Afternoon

I don’t like high maintenance people. Sometimes Mark is too much. He’ll see me moving around the house doing things and for some reason it bothers him, probably because I’m not doing those things for him. When he sees me running around he stops me and insists that I come talk to him. This usually interrupts my train of thought enough so that I forget at least one thing I had intended to do.

That’s why I love my dog, Molly. She lays around like a lump most of the time, needing only food in her bowl, a place to poop and chewy strips. She is a low maintenance dog, no foo foo hair-do’s for her. She doesn’t require constant combing and brushing, her hair doesn’t need cutting every month, and she definitely is not a picky eater. Although she can eat beef stew and leave all the vegetables uneaten, and licked clean on the bottom of the bowl.

One thing Molly does require, is a bath at least every once in a while. When I can smell her from the other room I know it’s time to bathe her. She knows it’s coming when I take off her collar and get a pile of towels. It’s like I’m taking a condemned man to the electric chair as we head out to the backyard.

Once I get her hosed down and covered with soap she is resigned to the fact that it’s a done deal. Her only revenge is to do the doggy shake when I’m least expecting it and spraying me with soapy water. Today was Molly’s bath day and She’s been scrubbed up all clean, even her feet and tail washed. Now that she’s been bathed and dried and it’s over, I think I might hose down Mark. He’s been a real stinker lately.


  1. For a moment, looking at those first pictures, I thought this blog entry was going to be about someone else. Need I say more. Hehe

  2. I won't even go there.

  3. I bet Molly is much better at taking a bath now than she was when you first got her. I recall her being quite rambunctious. She must have been quite challenging to wash as a youngster. I guess we all mellow with age. I wouldn't mind someone hosing me down on a nice summer day and soaping up my belly.

  4. Molly looks so much like my Annie they could be sisters... are you sure you didn't dump her on my street when she was a puppy so I'd "find" her? Even the grey muzzle is the same! I'd send you a picture but as soon as I take out ANY camera (even on my phone!) she slinks awy to hide!