Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm Calling in Sick Today

With the change of seasons here in South Florida comes the inevitable. No not the tourists, but my first cold of the winter. It started Sunday with a scratchy throat so I immediately started on the Zicam tabs. This is supposed to be some kind of miracle drug full of vitamins that will bolster your system from the attacking cold germs. By Monday night it seemed under control and I went to my bowling league where I had such a good time I decided to go out for a nightcap with my team-mates.

Drinking a large amount of vodka when on the edge of catching a cold is probably not advisable, but bolstered with Zicam and Excedrin I was feeling fine. The next morning I woke up with a full blown cold and clown makeup on my shirt.

So here I am three days later and Niagara Falls would be envious of the amount of liquid flowing from my face. I have tried numerous remedies none of which seems to do anything to stem the flow. About the only thing that does anything at all is the generic NyQuil I’ve been taking. It knocks you out and then entertains you all night with the most bizarre dreams imaginable. Like the one where I was dancing in a bar with crazed drag queens. At least I think that was a dream or maybe it was the source of the clown makeup.


  1. PUSH FLUIDS!!! With or without drugs, it'll take 10-14 days to start to feel normal. Go to the doc if it ends up in your chest, gives you a fever, or you have discolored discharge.

  2. Thank you Peggy....I mean medical person.

  3. Good recommendations from medical person. Definitely hydrate yourself as much as you can stand. Also, that was a very delicate way of describing that green stuff. Don't ya hate that.

    So, where did ya get the clown makeup? hehe

  4. Sorry to read/see that you are sick Alan. No matter where you live, tis the season! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I felt a cold coming on the other day. I stopped everything and took care of myself by getting lots of rest and staying warm. I felt better after resting for a full 24 hours. I slept for 12 hours that night.

    Rest is a great healing activity. Your body was telling you to slow down. You should have listened to it. I hope you are feeling better now. Extra fluids help too. But I believe rest is the best.