Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In Hot Water

I am in my shower, the hot steamy water enveloping me. It is the most relaxing and self-indulgent time of my day. This is the place where I can think and let the water wash away my troubles. But wait, this is a false sense of serenity, because at this moment Mark is wandering around the house looking for things that use water to turn on. Anyone with an old house knows that only one person can use the water during a shower, and that is the person taking the shower.

Suddenly, as I rinse my face in the warm spray, I am hit with a cold icy slap. Mark has flushed the toilet in the other bathroom. That is the least discomfort I can experience in the shower. If Mark decides to start the laundry, I am hit with a sudden scalding spray, as if a steam pipe has burst. I scream out in pain and curse Mark, while simultaneously slapping madly at the shut off valve and trying to plaster my self against the far wall of the shower.

I don't know if Mark does it on purpose or not, but it seems that he has a Pavlovian response to me going into the shower. I always have to stop on the way in and tell him to not turn on any water for a few minutes. Yet, five minutes into the shower I'm doing the crazy dance again.

The only remedy to this situation is total re-piping of the house, and that isn't going to happen. So I just put up with it, and once in awhile, while Mark is in the shower, I go over to the kitchen sink and flip the water on. First the cold and then the hot, then I listen for the scream.


  1. The same thing happens at my house alan..its such a pain in the poopoo.

  2. Why not re-pipe your "old House" with a Viega maniblock system and and balance valves. No more shower shock. This central balance system could be placed next to your water heaters. Just think about the happiness and joy this would bring to your life. No more "on purpose" shower shocks.No more pain in the "poopoo". Please go to Viega.com Vanguard piping. A Viega system could be your heaven on earth.

  3. Ah... just like we did on 68th court! Definitely on purpose (passive-aggressive)....

  4. Install a solar water heater on your roof and connect directly to your hot water piping. With the flip of a switch you could get free heater water separate from the hot water heater.

    Basically a solar hot water heater is black sprinkler hose attached/coiled on to your roof. It is supplied to your cold water inlet on one end (separated by a H & C valve) and hot waterheater on the other end. Your brother David can figure it out. Free hot water and cheap to install. (with your brothers help and direction hopefully) Right Dave?!

  5. ahhhh...passive aggressive love. is there any other kind?

  6. Dave: You are keeping up with Solar and Geothermal plumbing I hope. It is going to be a gold mine soon.