Monday, May 12, 2008


Surprises can be a good thing. Finding cash in an old pair of pants that you haven't worn in a few years is a good surprise. Finding out that you can't fit in them by a wide margin is a bad surprise. I personally prefer not to be surprised too often, because surprises usually turn out for the worse. I think it's because most surprises in my life have ended up costing me money.

Twenty years ago my friend Dennis moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico and I surprised him by not just visiting him, but visiting him and bringing along all our drinking buddies from Chicago. Dennis wasn't thrilled with that surprise and I understood why. People who you drink with in the dark and smoky atmosphere of a tavern, just don't stand up to the scrutiny of a bright and cheery New Mexico sun. Without the alcohol and dim lights, these people just weren't as witty and fun as I thought they were.

Last Monday night I was tipped off about a surprise that was coming my way. Dennis, who has moved to Palm Springs, California, was coming to Fort Lauderdale unannounced to surprise me. As much as I love Dennis, I was glad I was tipped off by a mutual acquaintance. What I didn't do, was tell Dennis that I knew he was coming. I decided to let him have his fun, and then ruin it later by telling him I already knew he was coming. Isn't that what friends are for?

I think my little blog stories will suffer a bit this week while I spend time with Dennis in some of my favorite, dimly lit bars. I'm sure after a few drinks and witty conversation, I'll come up with some more wonderful stories to tell.


  1. Back so soon! Dennis must be getting bored out west. Maybe its those wildfires and the smoke from them.

  2. I hope you two walk to the bars or take public transportation. There are enough of Alan's older friends on the Fort Lauderdale Highways.

  3. Ha ha ha oh well have good Fun Alan, hope you get some good pics for us too!

    ...and LOL anon :D:D

  4. Sometimes the drop in visits are welcome-sometimes not. I'm sure you and Dennis will have a great week. Enjoy yourselves!!

  5. Is it hereditary.... the compulsion to visit dimly lit bars and ply ourselves and friends with vodka?

  6. I agree with Patti. I think I got the dive-bar-patron gene too.

  7. Garet, the wild fires are here in Florida.
    It's not that I needed to get back to FL so soon;
    My friend George was getting a lifetime achievment
    award for his humanitary efforts and he invited me to come to FL with him. It was a nice visit but I'm ready to return
    to beautiful Palm Springs.