Friday, May 2, 2008

Photo Friday

In 1976 I had a job as a delivery driver, so I decided to bring along my cheap little Kodak Instamtic camera. I wish I had been smart enough to get a quality camera, but I still like these grainy old photo's from my youth.
Skyline of Chicago from the planetarium 1976.
Fire at Lincoln and Wellington behind my old house 1976.
Rail bridge, somewhere west of the loop, Chicago 1976.


  1. I love the quality of these pictures too

  2. Is that the Golden Nugget in the second picture? I've eaten there many times.

  3. Yes Garet, that is the Golden Nugget restaurant. You spent that much on eating out? Oh yes, (he,he)

  4. Having just moved to the city, I find these photos VERY interesting. I'm eager to go to the planetarium to take an updated version of that first pic. Do you have any more pics? Can you send me larger versions of the ones that you do have?

  5. I want to hear more about your delivery diver days. Didn't you deliver shoes and TV's?

  6. Lmao @ Alans comment about Garets eating out :D

    I think the pic in the middle is my fave so far