Wednesday, May 21, 2008

There Will Be Blood

I don't claim to be the 'cat whisperer', but after thirty three years of cat ownership I think I know a few things about them. Mark on the other hand seems to not understand them at all. He thinks they are supposed to be just like puppies. I've explained to him, that they are cute, cuddly, love machines, with very sharp edges, yet he still insists on man-handling Fat Kitty in ways she does not approve of.

Just like the tigers in the San Francisco Zoo, it's not a good idea to keep teasing a cat. Eventually the cat loses sight of what is the toy and what is you, and the results are as follows. Please watch the video, and enjoy Mark playing with Fat Kitty.


  1. I have learned from a Vet how to trip my puddy tats sharpies (Nails) You might want to look into it. Just be carefull as there is a blood vessel in the nail. You don't want to trim into that. You can see this blood vessel if you view the nail from the side. You only want to trim the sharp needle points anyway.

    The Cat man

    So cats don't mind this trimming, others might have to be held securely as they'll squiggle while you trim their nails, and still others will fight with you and put up a struggle about it. Then don't bother.

  2. a hahahahahahahahahah!

    Fat kitty seems happy. Blood thirsty, but happy.
    I swear I saw that attack in her eyes before it happened...poor Mark.

  3. Send it in to America's Dumbest Home Videos. Maybe you could win some money and laugh too.

  4. Is Mark alright? Did he faint or have to go to the hospital? I think he should wear thick gloves next time he plays with Fat Kitty.

  5. ¡That´s a natural reaction¡
    Fat Kitty. Poor little thing.

  6. Oh my god! hahahahaa! That was how it went but in reverse. Laughing but feeling bad for Mark! I agree with Laura... I too saw the madness in Fat Kitty's eyes right before the "accident"....

  7. Trust me, Fat Kitty is one of the most pampered kitties on earth. Mark just doesn't know kitty conventions. He flinches and moves away quickly, causing her to attack the fast moving hand.
    Oh, and yes Mark bled profusely, and put on quite a scene until I came in and bandaged up his little finger.