Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You're Not Santa

When I was a kid, there was a woman who I always saw around town, who dressed and acted like a man. I can only assume that she was a lesbian. I have to say, it took balls to dress like that, and be the only lesbian in a small town back in the nineteen fifties. It must have been hard to be the only gay in town.

Saturday was 'Wilton Wonderland' day on our main street. There was a small Christmas parade, and a tree lighting ceremony, along with caroling by the Gay Men's Choir. It was nice, but it got me to thinking. Maybe Wilton Manors has reached the tipping point wherein it is too gay. Of the hundreds of people strolling up and down the street, there were only a handful of families with children. At the far end of the street, a forlorn Santa Claus waited in vain for the children to come and get their photos taken with him. When a couple of children did show up, they got red carpet treatment, and got to visit with Santa for as long as they wanted.

I guess I understand why families would be put off by our towns Christmas festival. One store front had a hunky "Santa" in nothing but red underpants sitting in the window, attracting a large crowd. And as nice as the caroling was, as soon as it was over the music switched to loud, gay dance club music. Meanwhile, drag queens in their best holiday wigs seemed to come out of nowhere, scaring me, and the few children who were still around.

I don't think it's a good idea for people to only live with their own kind. That's how prejudices start, and xenophobia sets in. It seems that our little town, which was quite different when I moved here nineteen years ago, has become a gay ghetto. I wish it was a little more diverse, but at least it's a ghetto with cute shops and good restaurants.


  1. I tell you Alan...this Christmas cheer is really starting to tick me off. If I hear one more commercial to the jiggle of a carol, or see one more freaky "Santa" grab my ass or ask for money, somebody's gonna get hurt.

  2. I agree. I have had to stop listening to my favorite radio station for the duration because they deemed it necessary to insert a Christmas song every third song in their rotation.

  3. does this mean you're moving back? (yay)

  4. I would like to see a Gay State formed similar to the way Israel was formed for the Jews.

    I propose that they all move to and take over either the U.S. State of Kansas (Where Dorothy lived from the movie, "The Wizard of OZ," or the U.S. State of Maryland.

    Cities could be renamed after Broadway Musicals or Hollywood Divas.

    We could have our own Pink Police force and Military (for those Gays into uniforms)

    We could build our own version of Disney World and call it Dizzy World.

    We could become totally self sufficient and maybe someday become our own country. Just think, we could elect our own president like maybe Rue Paul or some other 7 foot drag queen. hehe

    What are some of your humouous ideas for a Gay State of America? Be nice now. Everyone, whether they know it or not, has at least one gay friend or relative that they love.

  5. I don't think that would be a good Idea anonymous. He,he.

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  8. Marry me Alan. We'd never fight over men or women for that matter and get along just fine with separate bedrooms.

  9. OH, oh, Hostess, and separate bank accounts, and we can live in separate cities. Oh, and we can sign a prenup just in case. Perfect.

  10. Hey everyone! Alan is getting Married! Wait a minute I thought he was...maybe not.

  11. Excellent, Alan!! I just love "the hostesses" sassy comments.... always room for another sister-in-law!!! And you can have the dream wedding..............

  12. that's how the straight folk do it right? I'd be heartbroken if you ever cheat on me with another dyke...

  13. I do get to wear the white gown don't I?

  14. It's okay "hostess", no one would ever mistake Mark for a dyke.....

  15. I wondered how the Winter Wonderland turned out. Is this the first year they did this? Whatever Santa was selling, I'm buying!