Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I remember the first time I used the Google search engine, I was amazed. It not only found porn quickly, but helped me find other things that I could actually use. Within one day I was off of Yahoo, and using Google exclusively. Now Google has come up with another useful tool that just might benefit me even more in the future. The driverless car. Yesterday it was all over the news, Google has been testing a number of driverless cars they've developed, around the San Francisco Bay area. They have even sent a car without a driver all the way to Santa Monica, over three hundred miles. Do you realize what this means for someone like me? A nearly blind, aging old fart? It means I don't have to rely on Mark to drive me around any more. It means I don't have to explain to Mark why it's faster to take the interstate than poke along on city streets because Mark is afraid of 'curves'. There will be no more asking Mark to take me somewhere, and I can actually go to that place when I'm ready to go.

If you remember our road trip to Chicago earlier this year, Mark had promised to drive all the way. He had a nervous breakdown and crapped out before we even got halfway to Orlando. I ended up driving, with my bad eyesight, almost three thousand miles. Google will make it possible for unlimited road trips in the future, and this time not only will Chandler be sitting comfortably in the back of the car, I will be happily snoozing in the passenger seat. Mark had better be wary, this is one more thing that I won't need him for. In fact, other than doing my laundry, and feeding me, Mark is pretty much useless. If Google wants to hit a grand slam with me, they need to start working on the Google self loading washing machine, and the Google chef. Oooh, now I'm really day dreaming..... a Google clutter remover, a Google shop blocker, a Google noise filter for when I'm watching a movie. Google me baby.

P.S. check out the give away on the Bliss Farms blog site, just click on this sentence.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Give me your address so I can send you a prize...

  2. Thanks, I hope the strikes don't ruin your trip.

  3. Well we have driverless airplanes. (autopilot) Why not driverless autos.