Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Is Not The Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile

I was watching Anthony Weiner last week, and I thought to myself, 'I have seen this before'. The squirming, the concocting of a convoluted cover story, it all seemed familiar. Then there was the forced admission Monday that it was all a lie, that Anthony Weiner was what people were saying he was. That look of shame on his face, you could tell he would have loved to been anywhere else than under that scrutiny, exposing himself to all his loved ones and friends for who he was. This was the same thing I went through when I was a kid. In ten days Anthony Weiner went through the same forces of society that gay teenagers go through over a period of years, right down to the school bully, Andrew Breitbart. The difference of course, is that he chose to be who he was, and the way he is.

I'm not trying to defend Weiner, or say that his predicament is the same as a gay teenager. It's a totally different situation. I'm just saying, watching all that happen these past eleven days, brought me right back to those years in high school, making up stories of girls, and fearing I'd be exposed. I kind of wish everyone could experience being backed into a corner like that. Maybe they'd be a little more understanding about others.

All that said, I just want to know, when did we all become so damn prudish? I was watching all the news channels, and the network news shows, and they all referred to Weiner's wiener photo as lewd. Why is that photo of Weiner in those gray underpants called lewd, and Mark Wahlberg posing for Calvin Klein twenty years ago, called advertising?


  1. Because I look better.

  2. You do hit the nail on the head! But I think thsy actually were talking about the photos that they HAVEN'T shown....naked ones sent to "other women". And also why do pricks like him get married?? BTW- he's a homely SOB!

  3. Okay, It's a day later and the photo that Andrew Breitbart swore he wouldn't release, was released, by Andrew Breitbart (Who's the liar now?). I will admit, I Googled it. If I were looking for porn, I would be disappointed.

    Congressmen lie every single day. Big lies that get us into wars, and little lies that hurt people. I don't care about Weiner's lie, his private life, or the media hype. I defended the tap dancer Larry Craig, and said he shouldn't resign, and I say the same about Weiner. Pervs need representation too.

  4. Who said our representatives have to be holier than thou?