Monday, July 11, 2011

Inspector Gadget

Everybody has a junk drawer in the kitchen. We have two. Besides the junk drawers, Mark also has a large gadget drawer full of, well, gadgets. Weird, and familiar things solely for preparing, cooking, and serving food.

Last week I cleaned out his pots and pans drawer, arranging everything in there so that he can get to it without digging in it as if he were mining diamonds. When I was done it looked great. That of course will last for maybe two weeks. This past weekend I did the same for the gadget drawer. I pulled everything out of there, and piled it all on the counters. I then went through the pile, tossing out things that were obviously junk, and duplicates. For instance he had twenty cork screws in that drawer. If we were ever taken over by the French, Mark would be ready. He had five can openers, numerous orphan knives, and a lot of gadgets missing the parts that made them worth keeping. In that drawer were also some things that I have never seen before. I had to enlist Mark's help in determining what to keep, and what to toss out. Below are five things that Mark told me to keep. I challenge all of you to identify them. Yes, that's right, it's a contest. Identify the five items pictured correctly, and you will win the sixth item. A strange silver spoon that I was going to throw into the garbage. That is until I thought of this. It does say Sterling Silver on it, and it is old. It is, however kind of beat up. So if you would like to have a genuine piece of crap that Mark had squirreled away in that drawer, name the gadgets. Oh, and no anonymous entries. That wouldn't make sense now would it?
The Prize


  1. You should keep those things in your bedroom where they belong. We don't need to know your personal business.

  2. 1 - corn zipper
    2 - shrimp devaner
    3 - scraper
    4- pitter
    5 - garlic press

    these are all WAG's - but what the heck no one else guessed!

    They are probably Bar items, but since I don't drink, I wouldn't know! HAHA! Fun!

  3. Two out of five Sue. Unless you want to be more specific on number three.

  4. melon scraper??

    I should win cause I am the first one to guess!! LOL!

  5. #1 is an egg yolk separator
    #2 is a shrimp desheller
    #3 is a melon decoration tool. You use it to crave lines into melons as a decorative artistic touch.
    #4 is a pitting device
    #5 is a citrus slice juicer for drinks

    #6 I win!

  6. Garrett, %100 wrong. Although you were close on number 2. Sue already got two and a half right.

  7. Here are my guesses....
    1) crab leg cracker
    2) orange peeler
    4)strawberry huller
    5) lemon slice juicer

    As for the prize...Mom had one of those and we used it to serve the jelled cranberry sauce at holidays! Remember how we could slice it along the lines made by the can?

  8. anybody win yet?
    I'll guess anyway:
    1. corn zipper or cutter
    2. shrimp cleaner/deveiner
    3. citrus zester
    4. some kind of pitter
    5. tea bag squisher


  9. oh, and it's anonymous because I can't remember my google stuff on a bet. but I signed my name!


  10. Oh, oh, so so close Barb, four out of five. Aint that the 'pits'? (that is a hint)

  11. Ok, after much research, I think #4 might be a asparagus peeler. Also #5 looks like it could be a lemon wedge squisher too. see?

    #1 corn zipper
    #2 shrimp cleaner/deveiner
    #3 zester
    #4 asparagus peeler
    #5 teabag or lemon wedge squisher

    That was fun! (Hope I got them right this time)

  12. Who knew you had to peel asparagus? Hooray for Barb!! We have a winner! Now, how do I get the silver spoon to you?

  13. Well thank you! I will have to figure out how to split it with my mom who knew the peeler. Anyway, email me