Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mark's Malady

Earlier this year Mark and I went to the Antiques Road Show. They were filming in Miami Beach so we dragged a few pieces of our crap down there. I never got the painting I schlepped along appraised because the line for that was the longest, and the estimate was it would take four hours. Mark, however, got right in and found out that the lunch box he had was worth a hundred dollars. That isn't what a hoarder needs to hear, that their sickness has finally paid off.

A couple of weekends ago, Mark and I took some time and visited the flea market they put on once a month, here in town. I like it because we can take the dogs, and I often run into folks I know. As for all the things people have spread out for sale, it just looks like bulk pickup day to me. Mark on the other hand, has to take his time strolling between the sellers, and pawing through each pile of crap. This time he came over to me, all excited, with something he called Broadway window cards.
"They were only five dollars a piece!", he squeaked.
"You could have wiped your ass with a five dollar bill, and I'd be just as happy for you.", I said encouragingly.

Well knock me over with a feather. When we got home, Mark got on the internet, and looked up the Broadway window cards he had bought. The very first one he looked up turned out to be worth anywhere from eight hundred dollars, to two thousand. Excitedly he continued researching them. Turns out the least valuable one is worth sixty dollars. Like I said, sometimes the sickness pays off.


  1. They are only worth that much IF you find someone to buy them.

  2. Are you sure they aren't reproductions.

  3. I'm sorry, but is that a marijuana leaf tattoo on that girl's ass? I'll buy that poster for $5 that hasn't been wiped on anyone's ass.

  4. They are only worth that much if you can get Mark to ever part with them!!! Now you'll have to be VERY careful if you try to throw anything out!!!

  5. Yeah Mark
    I hope he never stops collecting...and selling.
    why not build him a barn. A really big one.

  6. Go Mark!!! If I ever make it down to FL I know what we'll be doing.