Friday, January 9, 2015

A Summer Breeze

That's me next to the girl in the bathing cap

When I was around twelve years old the Lions Club in my home town decided to build a community swimming pool and locate it right in our neighborhood. My siblings and I were ecstatic. What could be better than that, a place to swim and hang out all summer? So by the next year the swimming pool was built and my brothers, and sisters, and I, would spend nearly every summer day at that pool, from opening time until the sun set. All summer long I experienced the aroma of Coppertone and chlorine, and wrinkled skin on my fingers. I would turn so dark that I think some people in the neighborhood were trying to find out where the colored family had come from. As happy as I and my brothers and sisters were about having that swimming pool built, my mom and dad were even happier. They loved that swimming pool and I don't think they ever stepped one foot inside the place. You see, it cost money to become a member at the swimming pool, but not that much. At just fifty five dollars for the whole summer, my dad had bought my mom a summer long baby sitter.

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