Monday, January 12, 2015

Sue's Revenge

Back when we were kids, my little sister Sue had a knitted winter hat that tied around her chin. On top of that hat was a tassel with a fluffy ball on the end. She was probably around three or four years old at the time. The problem with the hat with the fluffy ball, was that when she moved her head, the fluffy ball would bump against her neck which would send her screaming around the yard, "Spider, spider! There's a spider on me!". As a good and decent big brother I never missed a chance after that to tell Sue that there was a spider on her neck. Children are so evil.

I do not believe in Karma, but if I did I think what I did the other night would qualify. We were laying in bed and Mark let out a scream, "Tick, tick! There's a tick on me!".  Sure enough, Mark had found one of the little buggers trying to grab a meal on his neck. All I could surmise is that Miss Bette had picked one up outside and when Mark cuddled with her the tick decided to go with the body that didn't have Advantix II smeared on it. Anyway, we dispatched the offending beast and went to sleep. Around four in the morning I awoke, and in my half alert state I started feeling around to see if maybe there was another tick thirsting for human blood. Sure enough, on my arm, I found one of the creatures. I tried to pick it off but it seemed to be firmly attached to my skin. I picked at it for a bit, and then I scraped at it with my fingernails. When that wouldn't dislodge it, I went into the bathroom and tried to pluck it off with tweezers. It was there in the bright light of the bathroom that I finally came to my senses. I did not have a tick on me. I had successfully removed a mole that has been on my arm for sixty five years.

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  1. still hate spiders - and tics - and moles ! and of course hats!