Friday, January 30, 2015

Inflated Balls

Don't bother me Sunday evening. I'll be watching the Super Bowl, admiring Tom Brady's cleft chin and good looks, rooting for the winner, and snacking on crappy junk food. Actually, it's fine. You can bother me all you want because I really don't care about either team. Just like all Chicago Bears fan of my age, I am still living in 1985 when it comes to football. To me the only Super Bowl that ever mattered was the one they played in January, 1986. I still worship the Punky QB, Walter Payton, The Fridge, the 46 Defense, and Mike Ditka (He should really stay out of politics). Until another Bears team can rise to the level of that 1985 team, until they win as many Super Bowls as those goddamned Greenbay Packers, that will be what I will always think of when the Super Bowl rolls around.
Click to watch the Super Bowl Shuffle

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