Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Pee Room

When I bought this house I had plans for the little sun room off of the living room. It has floor to ceiling windows on two sides, and long ago I tiled the floor so that it looked like brick. At one point I had it set up as a guest bedroom for when my parents and others visited. The only drawback was that when they closed it off for privacy there was no air-conditioning. Anyway, I never intended to keep it as a guest bedroom. My plan was to remove the floor to ceiling windows that faced north and install French doors that opened to the wood deck out back. I would still love to do that but a tight budget and procrastination have stood in the way. Instead that room has become the place for the storage of liquor, cook books, and just about anything that Mark cannot find a place for. I realized yesterday that the sun room had become a lost cause when I asked Mark what to do with some large bowls I had just washed.
"Put them in the pee room."
"The pee room?"
Mark looked at me as if I were a dunce.
"They go in the pee room with the other bowls."
That is when it hit me. The sun room has become the pee room because a little over a year ago I trained Bette to pee on her puppy pee pads that I had set along the floor to ceiling windows. She has never given up that option to pee in there. If I am sound asleep and no amount of walking on top of me can get me to awaken and let her out, Bette simply goes into the sun room and pees on the puppy pee pads. So if you come to visit and I offer you a cocktail, just move over into the pee room and help yourself. Watch your step though.


  1. What a beautiful bathroom setting...

    1. Bette really enjoys looking out the window while taking a leak.