Wednesday, March 18, 2015

May The Road Rise to Meet You

It's 10:41PM on the evening of March 17th, and Mark is out on the town. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem what so ever with that. In fact I look forward to these times when Mark leaves the house in the evening. It's the silence that I covet. No Bravo television shows blaring from the other room. No political lectures that I've heard a hundred times. It's quiet. Just me, the dogs, and the internet. Meanwhile, on this Saint Patrick's Day, Mark is out swilling down green beer, stepping over vomiting drunks, and celebrating his heritage. Yes, his heritage. Remember that post a week back, the one about me getting Mark a DNA test so that he would know his genetic ancestry? Well Mark is six percent Irish. So erin go bragh, top o' the morning, and may the road rise to meet you. But not if it meets you as you pass out drunk. That could hurt. The best part about Mark's DNA test is that now he has so many other holidays to celebrate. He is fifteen percent British, so there will be Boxing Day. I've looked up Scandinavian holidays because he is ten percent Scandinavian, and that looks like it would be Midsummer Day. I may be wrong about that, but I'll still encourage him to go out on June 21st to celebrate. He has a large percentage of East Asian in him, so Chinese New Year's will be celebrated. And then there is that fifty two percent African heritage. That fifty two percent is spread out over a whole bunch of areas of Africa, so some more research will have to be done on those holidays. All I know is that I can look forward to some nice quiet times ahead while Mark celebrates his various homeland holidays. I just hope they don't all involve heavy drinking and vomiting.

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