Monday, March 2, 2015

Invasion of the Hair Snatchers

I remember when I first started finding little piles of audio tape in a jumble on the streets and sidewalks. At first I couldn't understand how the hell it had ended up there, until the day the cassette deck in my car ate a tape. At first you try to save it, you eject the cassette and gingerly try to dislodge the tape that's tangled within the machine. If you're like me it doesn't take long before you become enraged and start yanking on it until you end up with a useless pile on the car floor. I assume all the tape I was running across was tossed from cars with cheap cassette decks. Over time I noticed that there weren't any more piles of audio tape along the street, but instead I was finding cracked and broken CDs. Now even the CDs have largely disappeared as more and more people plug their iphones into the car stereo. What I have started to come across along the street, along the railroad tracks where we walk the dogs, and just today in the church parking lot, is hair. Large clumps of long hair. What kind of trend is this? Are people yanking their hair out in traffic and throwing it out the window? I've been informed by Mark that it is probably hair extensions, something black women use a lot. I've looked these clumps of hair over, and I'm not even sure that it is real human hair. More like Yak hair, or maybe even hair of the polyester. Assuming that Mark is correct and black women are losing their hair extensions while driving, why is it I haven't seen a lot of bald women driving around town?


  1. This is a new thing to me. I find it disgusting and am therefore strangely attracted to it. Once again I laugh while throwing up in my mouth a little while reading your post. Congratulations.

    1. I did wash my hands after handling that stuff.

  2. Gross. I had the same reaction the hostess.