Monday, March 30, 2015

Sweet Old Mia

One perk you have when renting an apartment from me, is that if you have a well behaved dog that gets along with my dogs, you will have a built in dog sitter. I've done that for all my tenants through the years at no extra charge. My current tenant has the sweetest, most easy going, fifteen year old mutt. Her name is Mia and Bette just loves that bitch, she follows her everywhere. Mia has spent many a day here in our house while her owner Jessica, travels or works late. Sometimes I invite her over when I simply feel like having Mia with us for the day. Mia loves me, my dogs, and our house. She has stayed overnight and sleeps on the floor right next to the bed. So what I cannot figure out, is why when I need to go into the front apartment, either to show it to a prospective buyer or to fix something, Mia turns into the snarling, snapping, spawn of Satan. I have tried everything. I've offered her treats, I've sent Bette in first before I go in, and I tried dangling her leash in front of her and promising her walkies. Miss Mia will have none of it, and nobody is going to come into her home while her mommy is gone. The first time our real estate agent showed our building, the prospective buyers had to stand outside the front door and look into the apartment while Mia threatened them with certain death should they step foot inside. To see the kitchen they had to walk all the way around the house and peek in through the back door. Yesterday we had another showing so I brought Mia over to our apartment. Everything went well. The prospective buyer and the real estate agents all thought Mia was so well behaved and such a good dog, until they went to look at the front apartment. Mia followed them over there and when the real estate agent opened the door Miss Mia stepped in. She went from a docile, feeble old dog who looked like she is on her last legs, to Cujo. I have to admit, she scared me. I don't know what the prospective buyer thought of it all, he left too fast for me to get a read on that.

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