Thursday, April 9, 2015


Sometimes it is quite evident how some dogs have ended up at Abandoned Pet Rescue. For instance Kingston is a great dog who has the ability to jump seven feet in the air. Most fences are six feet. So it's obvious Kingston probably jumped a fence and became an instant stray. At APR he has to be kept in a kennel that has a mesh 'roof' on it. When Kobi came to APR he was very skittish, he bit people, and on one occasion slipped his collar and ran off. Luckily a cyclist stopped to pet him, and Kobi stopped to be petted. Mark and I have figured out how our beautiful girl Bette ended up a stray at only six months old. She is a purebred Schnauzer that somebody probably paid a lot of money for. We surmise that Bette pissed on the floor once too often and somebody with anger issues just opened the door and kicked her out. I don't know how that person explained what happened to the dog to whoever they lived with, but I really don't care. We've got her now. Unfortunately we also have her pissing problem. I've tried and tried to teach her to pee outside. We can go for forty eight hours without any puddles in the house, and then all of a sudden she goes pee crazy. Today was one of those days. In twenty four hours I went through an entire roll of paper towels, and they weren't the cheap ones either. What I can't understand is how a little eleven pound dog can store enough pee in her to put out a small fire. Honestly, she's a gusher. Sometimes I have to stop and consider that maybe Chandler was the culprit, there's such a large puddle. But Chandler is perfect, he even tries to puke outside. Bette is a very lucky girl that I was the guy who picked her up at animal control. She has two things going for her. She is extremely cute, and I am extremely patient. Okay, maybe one thing going for her along with the fact that Mark likes to buy paper towels in bulk.


  1. Such a baby. Has to be the German in her...

  2. get those puppy pee pads with the pheromones in the middle