Monday, April 6, 2015

So, Is There a Drug For This?

I have nearly a hundred television programs on the DVR. I also have a couple of hundred television channels to choose from. Yet yesterday, Sunday, I couldn't find anything that interested me. There was nothing showing that I felt like sitting down and putting in the time to watch. I'm not saying I wasn't interested in many of the shows, I just didn't want to sit down and watch them. So I got on the computer and went to Facebook. After a few minutes of witty commenting I left Facebook and started a game of Gin Rummy. The computer bored me, I needed something else. I took the dogs out in the yard and after tossing Bette's toy a couple of times so Bette could run back and forth like she was insane, I lost interest in that too. What the hell is wrong with me? As I get older I find that I have no patience. When a movie comes on I check to see how long it runs. Anything over ninety minutes and I feel antsy. I have at least three movies half watched on the DVR right now. Mark loves to go to the theater. I like the theater, but I dread going because I know that fifteen minutes into it I will be squirming in my seat looking forward to intermission. I hate shopping with Mark because he likes to spend more than five minutes in each store. I can't read a book more than one chapter per sitting. What I think I have is adult ADHD. I think that I may have had it all my life, especially when I was a kid in school, because I would rather be the clown in class than do the work. Unfortunately ADHD wasn't a thing back then, every kid was like they came out of a cookie cutter and was expected to fall in line. If you didn't, you were in deep trouble. I often found myself in deep trouble. Anyway, yesterday when the bright idea hit me that I may have that problem, I went to the computer. I Googled ADHD and found three sites that had online tests to determine if you have Attention Deficit Disorder. The first test I took consisted of only six or seven questions, and when I finished it I was over the top. So I went to another web site and took their test. Again I think it was seven questions and again my score was high, which isn't a good thing. On the third web site they had it laid out just a bit different. They had a page full of questions, probably ten, that I answered as best as I could. It was when I got to the bottom of the page that I freaked out. It had an arrow with the words "Next Page" on it. For godssake, I did not want to spend my afternoon filling out page after page of questions. Right there I think it was a giveaway, just the fact that it bothered me that there was another page. But instead of cancelling out of it, I clicked on the arrow and filled out the next page of questions. When I was done I hit enter and got my results. My score was 37. 

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