Monday, August 3, 2015

That Nasty Little Hole

Oh my god it feels so good, I can't stop myself. I know that I shouldn't keep going, but it just feels so damn good. I am such a bad boy. Deeper, deep into that nasty little hole. Goddamnit I love digging in my ears with a Q-tip.

It's one of those things that you realize as you get older. Taking a quick, neat poop, sleeping all night without having to get up to pee, and scratching that itch deep within your big, hairy ear, can sometimes be better than sex. Scratching the inside of my ear is one of those things that I know is very bad, yet I constantly find myself doing it, involuntarily sometimes. The worst is when I use a toothpick. I'll be sitting there watching television after dinner, picking at my teeth, and invariably the damn toothpick ends up in my ear. If it is long, narrow, and fits in my ear, it's been there. I think it's the psoriasis that causes my ears to itch so badly, so I now rub some hydro-cortisone in there on the end of a Q-tip. Unfortunately doing that feels even better than doing it with a dry Q-tip and I end up digging in even harder. The good thing about that hydro-cortisone Q-tip, it works. In the end it does clear up the itching for a couple of days. Clears it up until I find myself watching television a few days later, and digging in my ear with the business end of a house key.

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