Friday, February 26, 2016

Cat Pack

How exciting. I've re-started the packing up of the house that I had suspended last October. It looks like we have a contract on this house that has a high probability of being executed. I'm not going to say the house is sold, I've been burned on that before. When the cash is in my bank account, then it is sold. So the drudgery of filling boxes with crap that I'd just as well throw into a dumpster has begun again. One thing the long wait over the winter did, was to convince me that driving a truck full of our belongings up to Chicago might not be a good idea. I've hired cross country movers, so I won't be driving that giant U-Haul truck. When I think about those mountains in Tennessee, a chill runs through me. They have what they call runaway lanes, where a truck that has lost the ability to stop as it barrels down the mountainside, can run off the road and into a huge pile of gravel. With my luck I would miss that cutoff and just fly off into the mist beyond the guard rail. So it's a good thing that I hired the moving van.

Another thing I still need to do before we move, is find a new home for Britney Spears the Cat. Last September I took Lindsey Lohan the Cat, over to Abandoned Pet Rescue and she still has not adapted to life with a hundred other cats. I feel bad about it, but with allergies and other breathing problems in the family, I cannot bring the cat into the house. I also cannot bring her to Chicago to live outside like she does here. The poor thing would freeze to death. So if I don't find a yard for her to live in, or a nice inside home, I will have to turn her over to APR. She, along with Lindsey, will have to learn to live with all those other cats. And speaking of that, I haven't figured out what to do with the other black cat that lives here. As of right now, he's coming to Chicago with me. Meow.... 

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