Thursday, February 11, 2016

Naked and Afraid

Canon Towel ad. August 1943, Good House Keeping.

I wonder what Chandler thinks after I made such a big deal out of his not peeing and pooping in the house, and then he sees me standing in the house peeing into his water bowl (aka toilet). That's what I was thinking while bent over the toilet, trying to puke Tuesday evening. Have you ever been sick and felt like you'd feel so much better if you threw up, but you just can't pull the trigger? I had a severe migraine headache Tuesday night and was extremely nauseous. I took two Excedrin, but all that did was make me more nauseous. That's the problem with migraines, they don't go away easily. It wasn't until five in the morning Wednesday that I started to feel human again. Honestly, I think it was the scrubbing of the bathrooms that brought it all on. All those chemicals and smells might have triggered it.
I had to clean both bathrooms before the real estate lady and her photographer came on Wednesday. I cleaned my bathroom first, and then I took on the bigger challenge, Mark's bathroom. Open tubes of whatnot, oozing goo and glop everywhere. Bottles of body wash covered with a thick coating of soap slime. And speaking of slime, there was his shower, a moldy mess of scum and soap drippings. It's the reason I use the guest bathroom.
I have a special way of cleaning the bathtub and shower. What I do is strip down naked and climb in with a can of Bon Ami, a can of Comet Cleanser, and a bottle of heavy duty spray cleaner. I scrub from top to bottom, leaving the floor of the shower and bath for last. By that time I'm covered with cleaning products and I'm on my hands and knees. In fact, this is the hardest part of cleaning both the bath and shower, getting back up. It's slippery, I'm naked, and there is nothing to grab onto. I don't want to grab the towel rack, too flimsy. Not the shower door frame, I installed it, so it may not be all that secure. What I have to do is roll over onto my butt and try to scoot on up the wall like some kind of slug while making sure my feet do not slip out from under me. That's when Chandler really looks confused, watching me naked and covered with Comet Cleanser and Bon Ami, shimmying up the side of the shower.


  1. I read this post because I get migraines and think while I'm throwing up that I really need to do a better job of cleaning in and around the toilet while I'm laying on the floor next to it. Alas, I read toosfar and now cannot unsee you buck-naked, covered in Comet cleaning your shower. I can add that image to a list of my migraine triggerw now...

    1. Sorry. I'll post a kitten video on my facebook to cleanse you of that vision.