Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Clean Up Woman

I used to have a cleaning lady. No, not my mom. Well, okay yes, Mom used to be my cleaning lady many years ago. But I'm talking about later in life. Like around eighteen years ago when I met Mark. I used to come home from work and find my house spotless after my cleaning lady was here. Unfortunately, he quit not long after Mark moved in. I was never sure of the reasons behind that, but ever since then I have been the cleaning lady.

After the lengthy job of painting the house and repairing the swimming pool, I have begun the process of preparing the house for sale. That means I am scrubbing the place from top to bottom, one room at a time. It's amazing some of the things I have been finding as I go through the place. I found ladies slippers under the sofa. I'm not sure where those came from. They aren't Alicia or Alexis' size. I have found an old television remote, an ancient condom (not used, still in the package), many old dog chew toys, and lots of dead palmetto bugs. No matter, this place will be gleaming by the time I'm done. I'm sure Mark will appreciate the cleaning lady and leave a nice tip.

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