Monday, February 27, 2017

Electrical Banana

The problem with old homes like ours, is that there are never enough electrical outlets. I know it's wrong, but every outlet in our house is overloaded. Each single socket is responsible for no less than two plugs, and sometimes three. The one in the living room by the windows is even more overloaded. That one is a two socket outlet that feeds electricity to one lamp, Mark's computer and all the peripherals that entails, the big screen television, the Tivo box, and in the summer, the giant air conditioner. Yes, there are other outlets in the living room. Two more to be exact, and they are both overloaded. Every room in the house is like that. At least in the kitchen most of the electrical is new because of the renovation. New wires, new outlets, and addition outlets. There is only one problem in the kitchen. The outlets along the wall that it shares with our bedroom also share the electricity with the bedroom. So, if you want toast, do not use the microwave. If you want lights in the bedroom, do not use the toaster. If you want the television on in the kitchen, do not use the blender. In other words, do not try to use two of anything in the kitchen at the same time if it feeds off of the north wall. If you do, you will have to listen to me bitch and curse as I run down stairs to throw the breaker back on. We have a solution. Login (Pronounced, Logan) the electrician. Login rewired the upstairs apartment last year. Now it's time for our apartment to be rewired. In addition to new wiring we will be getting additional outlets, light fixtures, and wall switches. There will be lights in the closets and a new front porch light. Our house has no front porch light. Who the hell builds a house without a porch light? Anyway, we will be inconvenienced for most of this week. Login starts at 8:30 this morning. I will send the dogs upstairs to Dennis' apartment for the day, along with Mark. I have recharged my phone and Kindle so that I'll have some entertainment while the electric is turned off, and that is a good thing. No television, no computer, no easy access to facebook. (Facebook on the phone is a pain in the ass.) I've been meaning to read Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee for over a year now, and this is my best chance. I assume Login is going to be turning the electric back on each evening before he leaves. I really need my prime time television, Facebook time, and lights. Especially the lights.

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