Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fresh Air

Yesterday was my bi-annual visit to the eye doctor where I get my eyes poked, bright lights shined in them, and drops of liquids squirted in them. It is not something I look forward to. Good news is that nothing has changed. Seeing that the only way my eyes would change with the glaucoma is if they got worse, that is a good thing. So there was that. I left the doctor's office and was surprised to find that it had gotten even warmer than when I had walked in there. Another good thing. So far Monday was turning out just great. It was in the fifties, the upper mid fifties to be exact, and I got a small case of spring fever. For me spring fever is when I feel like doing something around the house, like cleaning. So I stopped at Petsmart and picked up a doggy pooper scooper with plans to clean all the turds out of our back yard. Because when the temperature rises, so does the stink. I hadn't cleaned it up in a few weeks, so there was a lot. This time however, it was much easier. The last time I had used some latex gloves, the kind the hospitals use, and picked it all up by hand. It was not only disgusting, but it hurt my back with all that bending over. Crap cleaning by hand is not the best, especially when you come across those fresh turds. No, this time I had the pooper scooper from Petsmart. It is a little tray on the end of a long stick, that you flick the turds into with another long stick that has a little rake on the end of it. It worked so well that I managed to pick up more poop than ever before. Around ten pounds of it. Ah, nothing like being out in the fresh air on a lovely spring like afternoon.

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